about us

The studio offers the complete production, from the initial sketch up to the final shape. If the customer has no own model, we can work just with his idea as basis for the definition of conditions of the implementation.

The studio keeps at disposal an inexhaustible volume of glass types and shades from unleaded to leaded ones, both clear and opaque. We also offer a possibility to modificate the shade of glass according to customerĀ“s request. We quarantee high quality of products, their installing, wraping and expedition of the produced order.

The studio production is oriented on implementations of glass objects for artists, architects, designers as well as on own production under bpbcrystal brand.

The technology of processing and final implementation of orders and projects is based on longstanding experiences in the field of technological research and studies of glass properties. The studio offers new technologies and processes bearing unique possibilities, creating an inimitable joining of the exceptional design and highest quality.


If you are interested in our studio services, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above addresses. It will be pleasure for us to answer your questions and to collaborate with you.

Czech Republic
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